1t to 200t Capacity

With capacities up to 200 tonnes, spans up to 45 metres and leg heights to 20m. MONOCRANE double girder gantry cranes are the solution to your ultra high capacity, heavy duty indoor or outdoor free standing crane application.

Used extensively in:
  • Precast yards
  • Ship building
  • Mining Maintenance
  • Bridge construction industries

MONOCRANE double girder gantry cranes address the top end of the heavy lift crane application. Where site cranes and single girder gantry cranes top out is where the double girder gantry cranes steps in. Offering high performance reeving options and versatile configuration, our double girder gantry cranes can be customised to your unique requirements.


Factors to consider when selecting your crane

  • Capacity (tonnes)
  • Span (m) The clear distance between your building columns.
  • Height of Lift (m)
  • Hoisting Speed (m/min)
  • Travel Speeds (m/min)
  • Duty
  • Value Adding Technologies (see below)
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Unique MONOCRANE design features include:

  • Full penetration sub-arc welded load bearing flanges for the ultimate in strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Line bored one piece end carriages to ensure precise alignment and smooth travelling motions.
  • Industry leading Hyperspeed and i-Glide technology optional across the entire range.
  • High quality enamel paint with optional 2-pak or client specific systems.
  • Extensive range of optional extras.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your crane is designed by qualified engineers and manufactured by qualified boilermakers, electricians and fitters.


Value Add Technologies

A cost saving solution which increases hoisting speeds therefore providing increased capacity


Value Add Technologies

Significantly minimises potentially dangerous hook sway and increases the brake life of the hoist


Value Add Technologies

A cost effective technology, which monitors duty, service and operation of your hoist offering peace of mind & accurate End of Life data.


Value Add Technologies

A cost saving and environmentally friendly technology, which significantly decreases power costs of the hoist and reduces green emissions.


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