Our TDAVIT is lightweight, portable, and can be custom designed and manufactured to specifically meet our customers’ individual needs. Truly pioneering, it offers a lifting capacity of up to 500kg and 360° rotation under a full load.


Key Features

  • EN795:2012 Certified

  • ATEX Certified

  • Can support goods and personnel lifting;

    • Goods WLL of up to 500kg

    • Personnel WLL of up to 250kg

  • Can be operated and assembled by one person, no tools required

  • Can be rotated 360° under a full load

  • Designed with a universal kingpin suitable for all REID sockets

  • Clean, anodised finish for increased corrosion resistance

  • A variety of attachments for a range of applications

  • Engineered designs and bespoke sections reduce weight, providing lightweight portability


The TDAVIT is available in a range of configurations and can be customised in line with specific requirements (subject to WLL rating).


We have a range of accessories such as; Lobed Cheek Plates, Wind-up Jack Legs, a Trolley Control System and Festoon System that are compatible with our range of Gantry systems.


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Value Add Technologies

A cost saving solution which increases hoisting speeds therefore providing increased capacity


Value Add Technologies

Significantly minimises potentially dangerous hook sway and increases the brake life of the hoist


Value Add Technologies

A cost effective technology, which monitors duty, service and operation of your hoist offering peace of mind & accurate End of Life data.


Value Add Technologies

A cost saving and environmentally friendly technology, which significantly decreases power costs of the hoist and reduces green emissions.


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