The light, handy and resistant remote control. The REM Brick is an easily programmable transmitter and boasts the record for operating life without recharge: up to 40 hours’ work. It is the first keyboard with our patented induction recharging system and is fully isolated from dust and humidity. The REM Brick is a configurable console for the most demanding applications and is ideal for continuous work, so no need to worry about downtime. There are up to 12 buttons, has data feedback and the ability for either selector or potentiometric controlling.


Leader in sturdiness and long-life

Standard or customized keyboard.
Configurable with the most advanced electronic systems.
The REM Brick is particularly resistant to a harsh work environment and elements and is suitable to prolonged use.

REM Technical Sheet

Fields of application

Technical Specifications

Battery type internal rechargeable induction battery
Duration up to 40 operating hours – 3 hours of power reserve
Radio transmission / frequency sel. 72 manual channels – 433/870 China 418 Usa Can 915
Radio transmission Move / Mobile full duplex 72 channels – 433/870 China 418 Usa Can 915
Power supply 12-24 Vdc +/- 25% – 24-110 Vac +/- 10 %
Emergency stop PL-D cat. 3 (Move-Mobile cat. 4 PL-E sil.3)
Commands on/off – CANbus – PWM – voltage/current – RS 422/485
Dimensions and weight 210x95x40 mm – 470 g
Graphic display 2.6”
Available receivers DIN – EcoBox – RubyBox – EcoCan – Mobile
Certifications EN-300220-1 cl. 1 – CE – FCC (USA/CAN)


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