MONOCRANE offers an extensive range of crane products and accessories at competitive prices

We carry an extensive range of spare parts & hoists for a range of crane products as MONOCRANE believe it is our job to keep your business operating. Our suppliers are carefully selected based on quality, industry experience and level of excellence. It is important to purchase parts which are specified by the crane manufacturer – a significant investment in research & development is made by our suppliers to ensure the most suitable component are selected for their application. Due to this investment the specified part are proven to have a longer life on your crane.

If there is a spare part or product you would like us to hold until the day you need it let us know and we would be happy to help!

MONOCRANE Supplied Busbar System

MONOCRANE supply a conductor bar system that is a modern and safe system for energy transmission to mobile machines, such as cranes, overhead travelling cranes, pulleys or any moving engine which needs to be supplied. The conductors strips are pulled from a coil without joints into the already installed casing. Long life, minimal and constant voltage reduction! The absence of joints between the conductors provides long life to the brushes, plus minimal deposit and ohmmic resistance. Contact us to find out more details to meet your solution needs

Busbar System in action


Single Flange Wheel

Double Flange Wheel

Double Flange Direct Drive Wheel

Double Flange Portal Wheel

Rollers & Axles

Handwheels & Chain



Rope Guides

Wedge Rope Sockets

Single Fall

Two Fall

Four Fall

Eight Fall

Two Fall HD

Four Fall HD

Eight Fall HD

Safety Catches

Underslung Wheel Kit


End Carriages

Lifting Equipment


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